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The dangers of the internet for teenagers, and the role of parents in response.

We live in an era of fast information. Long gone are the days of exchanging information via the pen, letters or faxes. Today we have the internet connecting us all with each other through the electronic media. With access to a mobile phone or computer, it is possible for you to be connected with millions of others through the World Wide Web. According to The World Fact book there is today more than 2.9 billion users of the Internet – that represents 40% of the world’s population(World Fact book, 2014). Not only are we connected with each via the Internet, we also have the capability to send information across the globe with no hindrances at all. With our finger tips, from the comfort and privacy of our homes, we have unreserved access to worldwide information... 

Principles to a successful life: Vision

The Oxford English Dictionary defines vision as 'something which is apparently seen otherwise than by ordinary sight';... I like this interpretation for when we talk about the kind of vision that I have in mind, it is not vision that one sees with ordinary sight. It takes extraordinary sight. With this article I share my personal insight on the subject of Vision..

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